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Heat Recovery from Corrosive Fume Extraction

Heat Recovery
  • Save up to 60% on heating costs
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Minimum 20 year design build

Chemical Process Solutions design, manufacture and install Thermoplastic Heat Recovery Systems for corrosive fume extraction in Cleanrooms and Laboratories.

CPS Heat Recovery systems are designed for facilities which characteristically consume large quantities of energy, generally three to four times more than  regular offices on a square meter basis.

Thermoplastic Heat exchangers are installed in the corrosive fume extraction ductwork, linked with a typical run around coil system to an aluminium heat exchanger in the fresh air intake of the Air Handling Unit (AHU). The system pre-heats the inlet air during the winter and cools during the summer, ensuring a reduced load on the AHU.

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Utilising Corrosive Waste Heat

A large volume of pre-heated and pre-conditioned corrosive air is extracted from cleanrooms and laboratories in order to comply with legistlation. Typically clean air is fed into the building at 18°C to 20°C through an AHU and extracted at 22°C due to the heat gain within the working environment, contributing towards high energy costs and a high carbon footprint.

Excessive energy consumption linked with laboratories and cleanrooms is largely due to ventilation connected with fume cupboards and work stations.  Laboratories commonly have a once through ventilation system with no air recycling, exhausting 100% of the air supplied directly into the atmosphere. The supply air is used to meet comfort conditions and health and safety requirements hence conditioning and distributing the air is very energy intensive.

CPS Heat Recovery systems can significantly reduce energy costs for cleanrooms and laboratories by lowering the amount of heating needed to maintain building temperatures.

All heat exchangers are custom designed and configured to meet the specific service, application or geometry requirements.  Our Heat Recovery systems can also be retrofitted into the existing system.


  • Manufactured from Corrosion resistant PE-RT*, PP and PVDF with a minimum design life of 20 years.
  • Allowable operating temperature -30°C  to  +140°C.
  • Allowable operating pressure depending on material and operating temperature between 3 and 16 bar.
  • Gas flow volume up to 150,000 nm3/hr per heat exchanger.
  • Run-around coil systems negate any possibility of cross-contamination of airflows.
  • Flexibility in equipment location as the supply and exhaust systems are located separately.
  • Comparable efficiency to metal heat exchangers.



  • Green TecnologyProtect the Environment
  • Green TecnologyReduce carbon emissions
  • Green TecnologyMeet carbon management targets
  • Green TecnologyGreen Procurement
  • Green TecnologyIntegrating sustainability for the Institution
  • Green TecnologyEnvironment and Social Responsibility incentives
  • Green TecnologyMeet BREEAM Targets
  • Green TecnologyResponsible use of energy

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